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Trusted in ensuring missions achieve their objectives and lifetimes since 2007

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Choose RASL with confidence...

  • 18 Years experience in space radiation effects

  • Radiation Hardness Assurance of 75+ successful missions

  • Trusted by over 40 customers worldwide, from small start-ups to large primes

  • Highly cost effective due to expert knowledge, experience and efficiency

  • RASL assesses the wider mission objectives, criticality and requirements to ensure the appropriate level of RHA is applied

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Recent customer feedback:

"We used Tom to provide the full radiation analysis for our unit to a range of different requirements. He has been very approachable and transparent with his methodology and timescales and delivered reports with excellent detail. He is an expert in the field and has provided invaluable support, even to questions beyond work package completion"- Teledyne E2V

RASL very much enjoyed working with E2V on this equipment development which utilised both rad-hard and COTS components on a project with high customer RHA requirements   

For any space mission utilising commercial or Hi-rel parts, or a mix of the two, an understanding of the radiation susceptibility of the active EEE parts and the associated impacts at equipment, sub-system and system level is invaluable and typically a project requirement. RASL provides expert consultancy no matter the stage of your project based on over 18 years experience in the space radiation field... When involved at an early stage, RASL can provide a specialist skillset into the design phase, particularly regarding component selection trade-offs, susceptibilities and de-risking. RASL also delivers informed guidance in determining the most useful radiation testing of components to perform, design mitigation options for SEE and shielding options for cumulative radiation effects. If the design is already established or heritage RASL can perform a full review to indicate areas of particular risk for which design changes, additional mitigations, etc. can be implemented. This can also be a very useful for retrospective in-orbit anomaly investigation. A radiation analysis of an equipment / sub-system / system and an understanding of the mission radiation environment can greatly reduce the risk of radiation induced failure in components which could lead to a loss of mission.

New harsh radiation environment analysis tool developed by RASL
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Inner Van Allen Belt: 400km to 11,000km

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​Services include:

  • Radiation hardness assurance

  • Radiation testing (TID, TNID, SEE)

  • Space environment modelling

  • Nuclear hardening

  • Component selection

  • COTS vs Rad-Hard design

  • Radiation Database

  • Training in radiation effects and assurance

  • Materials radiation effects

  • Internal charging effects

  • Atomic oxygen degradation

  • Solar array degradation analysis


Some of the projects for which RASL have performed radiation consultancy include:

  • Galileo IOV and FOC

  • Quantum

  • Inmarsat-6

  • Amazonas-2

  • ExoMars

  • NovaSAR

  • KazEOSat-2

  • Sentinel 1

  • Deep Space Gateway

  • Onesat

  • MetOp

  • Solar Orbiter

  • Comet Interceptor

  • Lunar Trailbalzer


  • Nanosats / Cubesats

  • Equipment developments


RASL have worked for numerous customers worldwide on a range of projects with diverse radiation requirements, these include:

  • Airbus D&S

  • SSTL

  • SEN

  • Neptec UK

  • Antwerp Space

  • In-Space

  • Novo Space

  • Spire

  • Astroscale

  • GA-W

  • Skyloom

  • Weizmann Institute

  • University of Oxford

  • Imperial College

  • NanoAvionics

  • ClearSpace

  • SatelliteVu

  • Space Applications Services

  • PTS

  • Cristek

  • Nanotronic

  • E2V

  • Satixfy

  • Ienai Space

  • SpacePNT



Client Feedback...


Neptec UK


Having worked with Tom at SSTL, I knew exactly who to speak to when we had queries regarding radiation effects on one of our new products. Tom took some vague, high-level requirements and provided an extremely professional report that enabled us to progress our equipment designs with confidence



Tom turned around a comprehensive and pragmatic review of our system design and its susceptibility to various radiation effects in rapid fashion. As a start up, we operate on timescales of weeks rather than months and rely on team responsibility and initiative rather than process. Tom was extremely adept at providing useful input to our R&D programme when the information was needed, not just when the final report was delivered. His practical experience was invaluable  to our design efforts, developing a reliable and world-class spaceflight self-inspection solution


Spire Global

At Spire, we were developing a new subsystem that used some components that we did not have in-orbit experience with. We approached a number of different radiation effects experts to help us evaluate the new components and determine the risk profile of the project. RASL were noticeably the fastest to respond to the enquiry, with competitive rates. We value getting things done faster at Spire, and were impressed with the speed, detail and quality of the analysis Tom delivered


Astroscale (JPN)


Tom was extremely responsive, providing us the right level of input we needed in a very short timescale. The resulting summary report was well presented, clear and succinct, giving clear answers, conclusions and suggestions which informed our decisions moving forwards



Tom provides us with many years of experience and up-to-date knowledge relating to part selection and radiation hardness assurance for space systems. His expertise spans industry and space agency approaches plus a wide range of part families and part types, including commercial EEE components.  He is professional, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with



Working with Tom has always been a pleasure; Skilled, precise, open-minded and with a sound knowledge of radiation effects on EEE parts in space. His cooperation within Galileo FOC has been very good


Satellite Vu


It’s always a pleasure to work with Tom, he has excellent knowledge, is very professional, is very responsive, has a top sense of humour and is an all round lovely chap



Tom immediately understood SSTL's unique approach to spacecraft radiation issues, and embraced it wholly. Since then, he has shown himself to have a great mix of detail and pragmatism, being both conscientious and flexible in his approach



Tom is highly capable and thorough, and makes every effort to provide in-depth information about his speciality whenever required; his knowledge and expertise are wide ranging and his work is always insightful and useful




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